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LIFE OR DEATH is a graphic novel that presents a cautionary tale about the dangers and consequences of urban street life.  It also explores how characters reconcile their spirituality when faced with the harsh realities of this environment.  It takes place in the urban ghettos of the South.  It opens with an extremely traumatic event in Caleb's life, then proceeds to reveal the events that led to that moment in non-linear fashion, similar to films like PULP FICTION, KILL BILL and THE USUAL SUSPECTS.  Fundamentally, LIFE OR DEATH is a powerful narrative of one young man's struggle to do what he thinks is right when faced with tough choices.  However, as the story unfolds we discover the rich, interconnected subplots of other characters who are also struggling, in their own ways, with their concepts of spirituality as they do what they feel they must in order to survive in this ruthless underworld - the only world they know.

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